Dave Williams

Dave Williams

Unconventional Serial Entrepreneur; Digital Marketing, Advertising, AdTech & Digital Nomad Pioneer, Co-Founder of NOMADX - Top 🌎 Digital Nomad Village, City & Island Communities; Ambassador & Mentor to Startup CEOs

Unconventional Digital Entrepreneur, Investor, Co-founder & Partner (prior CEO & Chairman) @ NOMADX https://nomadx.com, award winning community-first repopulation projects in village, city & Island destinations for digital nomads. Currently on Madeira Islands - Portugal, Cabo Verde - Africa & Pipa - Brazil with fast WiFI! Dave’s a resident of Portugal where he moved to from the USA in 2017.

Dave is a US pioneer in digital marketing, advertising & ad tech industries as a serial digital entrepreneur over the past 25+ years with multiple exits in the early formative stages of the search engine marketing, social media & ad tech industries.

NomadX was started with the desire to help other digital professionals easily & affordably experience the slow travel remote work lifestyle in top destinations throughout the world, with its start in Portugal.

Prior to founding NomadX in 2016, Dave & Jen Williams spent years traveling the world where they saw an opportunity to improve upon the ease of finding community with shared passions and connection to the local community for slow traveling freelancers, location independent entrepreneurs, and remote employees. This is when NomadX was born.Hi