Ken Weary

Ken Weary

COO @ Hostaway

Driving business growth and streamlining operations for a fully remote and scaling international company

Ken is the COO of Hostaway, a SaaS startup transforming the vacation rental industry. Hostaway is a profitable, innovative company with a team of 180+ fully remote team members working from over 40 countries.

Previously, Ken was the COO of Hotjar, the SMB leader in online behavioral analytics. While at Hotjar, he led the fully remote company through an era of profitable hyper-growth and two acquisitions.

At both Hostaway and Hotjar, Ken’s duties have included the oversight and scaling of the companies’ People, Compliance, and Business Operations, divisions, as well as Finance at Hotjar.

Ken's personal journey is as remarkable as his professional one. In 2014, he embarked on a life-changing decision to leave America and travel the world with his wife and two children. To date, they’ve spent the majority of their time living nomadically and now spend most of the year in the Lisbon area while still traveling frequently.

This unique blend of family travel while scaling successful businesses has shaped all aspects of his life and management style, making him a sought-after speaker and subject for conferences and online media focused on scaling SaaS businesses, the future of work, and digital nomadism.

Prior to his travels, Ken held leadership positions in traditional corporate environments where he gained great experience but was tied to his desk. He relishes his life “outside the cube”.