Marie Braud

Marie Braud

Fullstack Founder Numadia - Future of global talent acquisition - Remote advocate - Digital Gypsy - 30k Linkedin contacts

My background

The digital part :
15 years of experience in talent acquisition (tech, web3, gaming, vfx) mostly in Canada and remotely. I've been employee then freelance and now fullstack founder of Numadia : a collaborative recruitment platform and talent network for remote jobs in Tech, AI, web3, creative jobs.

The nomad part :
I left France 15 years ago, I was based in Casablanca for 3 years then Montreal for 8 years and Lisbon for 4 years now. I travelled in over 70 countries in the meantime.

Values :
Freedom, Bold, Diversity, Impact, People first, Support each other

As you can probably tell, I'm passionate about recruitment and travel.
And I believe everyone can become a recruiter/digital nomad, that's why I'm launching Numadia to help people land their dream job.

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