Uwe Allgäuer

Uwe Allgäuer

Founder / MD | MyStartBulgaria

Uwe's credentials include community building, coworking, and coliving, with a deep understanding of tax rules, residency, and company formation. His multifaceted expertise extends to investment and real estate, making him a sought-after consultant for those navigating the complexities of personal taxation, coworking and coliving spaces.

Uwe is not just a passionate advocate for the location-independent lifestyle; he's a seasoned expert in the intricate world of residency, taxation, company formation, and tax-reduction. His dedication to the nomadic way of life goes beyond just enjoying its freedom and flexibility. He's committed to ensuring that digital nomads and global citizens navigate the complexities of tax, health insurance, and other potential pitfalls with confidence and clarity.

As the co-founder of Coworking Bansko, Uwe didn't just build a workspace; he cultivated a thriving community of growth-minded individuals. This hands-on experience has equipped him with invaluable insights into the challenges and opportunities that come with a nomadic lifestyle.

Uwe's expertise extends to personal development and community building. He envisions communities that operate on heightened levels of consciousness, embracing a holistic approach to life. This passion is evident in the events he hosts, which are designed to be catalysts for both individual and collective growth.

A staunch advocate for sustainability, Uwe's time at Mindvalley University in Tallinn further cemented his belief in environmental mindfulness. There, he connected with a global network of individuals who shared his dedication to creating a better world.

Uwe firmly believes that our surroundings play a pivotal role in our personal and professional evolution. This conviction is what drives him to curate environments where remarkable individuals can come together, share, and thrive. As a local host and active member of Mindvalley, he's currently spearheading efforts to invigorate the Balkan group, transforming it into a dynamic, action-oriented community.

If you're looking to navigate the nomad world with a clear understanding of tax, health insurance, and more, Uwe is the guide you've been searching for. Join him in building environments where we can all flourish!